The Best Dog I Ever Knew – Ally Ameel

it was my second favorite skyentirely blue

dotted with

sporadically placed clouds

I wanted to whisper into his soft ears


they painted the sky for you today


it’s funny how such a beautiful sky

could be a day when a goodbye is said

a permanent goodbye

when something leaves

that you know is never coming back


if there is some afterlife

or a heaven

I know that he’s there

he’s running faster than he ever did


I saw him running just yesterday

before the little spots of cancer

became not so little


I like to think that he fought until the end

that he put on a smile

despite everything going on in his head

but in the end he won


the woman in the white coat

let him go

she freed him


and now he is running

through the sky

I can see him through the clouds

that I once imagined

held castles

but now holds my best friend

the closest thing I ever had

to a little brother


so thanks for the last 11 years

of chasing each other through the sprinklers

while you tried not to get wet

for sneaking you bacon treats

and our walks through the neighborhood

I hope you never forget

all of the secrets I told you

the times when I sat with you

even when I said nothing at all

I’ll never forget you

and when I think I might

all I have to do

is look up at the sky


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