this one guy – Iman Messado

there’s this dude with a wide face
and glasses that might’ve
reflected a son’s tears or a
wife’s furrowed brows
his lips are large and etched in
and i wonder if God
knew that he would
be in between 2 rather large men
on the subway
eyes glazed gazing straight ahead
shoulders hunched
head lolling
from the angry rumbling of the train

One thought on “this one guy – Iman Messado

  1. So hey.

    This isn’t going to be the most eloquent or well thought out comment in the world,
    but i’m short on time and we’re teenagers so who gives a damn?

    To get straight to the point, I like your writing, it’s some of the more interesting poetry I’ve found here, and about as close to short stories as I can find. I have no other way of contacting you, or anyone else on this website, but i’d like to be able to
    talk to you. Maybe we could collaborate on something, or just exchange ideas.

    My email should be with this comment, but comments are so rare here that I’ve entirely forgotten if it will be, so here it is anyway.



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