Dark Heart – Ugonma Ubani-Ebere

I can see it
My eyes are open, but I am still blind
I can feel it.
Empty, hollow, and a velvety sorrow.
I can taste it
A bittersweet fear, mixed with salty tears
I can hear it
A silent muted sound of desperation.
And my pulse racing with perspiration
I stretch out my hand to seek your solace
I call out your name, so we can embrace
I feel the loneliness creep up my spine
I repeat my mantra that I am fine
Darkness cannot exist without light
But where is the light in my time of need?
The light is the only thing my soul can heed
I press on in the pitch black despite my conscience opposition
The darkness draws me in without caution
I’m convinced that you are in the darkness waiting for me
I just can’t see
I continuously call out your name
Hoping you will do the same
Extending my hand for your touch
I miss your voice so much
No light can set apart
The darkness in my heart
I call for you once more in the absence of your presence
I am nothing
So I welcome the darkness, not as an enemy
But an old friend.
Who my heart will cherish to the end


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