Flash Fiction

How to Play Hide and Seek Alone – Samantha Foresyth

How to play hide and seek alone

(On Violent Growing Pains)


I hope you find a place where you’re ready to open hearts and throats alike with reckless abandon. Unapologetically.

1- Come back to the ruthlessness because I’ll be here waiting for you. Gums bleeding and incisors ready, the doors will all be locked. Meanwhile you’re spitting back at me, growing past milk teeth and tenderness. Unfasten your jaw like you could turn yourself inside out and hide all of these terrible things down your throat.  It’ll be a mouth like mine you’ll outgrow.

2- You can’t tell where it’s hurting and won’t calm down. Won’t ever stop howling. Jaw open too far, too big when there’s nothing left to swallow. And you’re keeping corpses between your teeth. Pick out the splinters of bone without hesitation. Cough up blood that isn’t yours.

I’ve been waiting to be left behind without a look over your shoulder. Just been chewing off dead skin.


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