The Fri(end) – Ugonma Ubani-Ebere

I had a friend once.
He was a Marine.
Kind, funny, and a streak of some mean. 
He listened to me, and heard my dreams. 
The darkest secret tucked in the abyss of my heart.
He swam in and found it, but did not rip me apart. 
His soothing voice lulled me to sleep.
His loving arms rocked me when I used to weep.
Through the moments when I left battle wounds from being a complete bitch
He did not complain, he stitched up the wounds with understanding and without a hitch.
My friend was great, he was one of a kind.
Awesome person, with great morals, and a great mind.
Friends like him come once in a lifetime
But what is a lifetime, when your friendship is hanging on a lifeline?

I had a friend once. 

He was everything that I had hoped him to be.
He liked me for me.
I’m a little awkward you see.
A little too wild, and sometimes too carefree
I never had a guy friend because they somehow predictably
Would fall into my unfortunate spell.
My very wide smile, my undefined personality, my fragrant smell, 
Deep in their eyes, a love story fell.
A love story that would never come to fruition
Instead a friendship would fall victim to diffusion.
Crossing the thin line between friendship and lovers almost always caused bitter confusion. 
Who said girls and guys could never be friends?
I did because they always fall victim to my unintentional web.
One day, my friend fell into my unintentional web.
I intentionally led him there and I wept.
Nothing was ever the same, and I had to take part of the blame.
I unfortunately had to also take some of the shame.
We had too much chemistry which caused a combustion.
We never recovered, because we did not know how to function.
Now he is gone, his memory is a concussion.
No longer can we hold a conversation let alone hold a discussion.
I had a friend once.
He was everything that I had hoped him to be.
His only mistake….
He liked me for me.

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