Never Be Completed – Brooke Safferman

Somewhere between

The spaces of my fingers

And the regions of my heart that

You and I like to pretend do not exist

Are filled up by the emotions that

I never knew a person could possibly



Give me a smile,

A nod of approval,

And I will give you

Anything you want.


A touch, a glance, a sign of encouragement

You are the unattainable dieting goal;

So insatiable, yet I know I must cut back.


Back away,

Somewhere off into the distant land of


We used to know the things about each other

That most people would deny but

Let’s be honest – cutting the crap was always your style.


Without you,

I am a piece to a puzzle that will

Never be completed.

And without you,

I am always left

wanting more.


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