Depth – Ian Dean

I hope that any recent bouts of bravery have shown that I am not so shallow.

To you, whose soothing voice is aloe.

I’ve never been one for simple phrases or words that don’t fit well together, so I leave sweet nothings to the romantically diabetic because it seems I have been using them forever.


I find myself here because I discovered a few months ago how I felt for you and I feel as now though beauty can be a medium for humor and intellect. Making me feel like less of a lost cause and bound to some benefit. You who could make me feel less like crucible for sorrow but conduit of confidence.


I still marvel at the mystery of you  who was clever enough to make me, proclaimed beast with no chains, feel different somehow I like have to explain my innocent cause and hope that you would value my worth of my name because I’d do the same.


The same whose beauty is greater than damned damsel distressed and more compassionate than softest drop of water forming on the bud of a desert flower. She is often so busy but if I could contest that hundreds of hours awaited your attention

And now I’m feeling its power.


I don’t care for boasting and seeming so mighty

I’ll show how I care and ever so slightly

Look to your eyes

As you gather your breath,

And ask you a question

While gauging their depth.



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