Basic – Ian Dean

Though provoked with adolescent struggle and pubescent instinct,

I still think I was naïve

Too naïve to see that in between the mist-ridden breaths of the deceivers,

One I could call betrothed to me, would break my allegiance.

The image was vivid, or maybe just arrogant sound piercing my ears causes me pain,

But I know that you, whose rapturing thrust shatters deep into my heart,

Hath betrayed me.


I sought appreciation and understanding,

And though little was given, I was thankful.

Never revealing your motive or peaked intellect, I knew only what was necessary.


You saw me,

Someone with little experience and even less self-confidence.

So quasi-decisive you satisfied your hunger with my innocent being

With no hope for any fowl retribution to mask your guilt.

In a sense of pure nostalgia, I would say how

You were sweet, kind, relatable, but yet so menacingly calm and distant;

Like the moon who orbit’s us.


I’d never gotten rushed into friendship, and although we weren’t attracted,

I felt tragically bonded to you.

I felt special and stimulated

As with drug’s first kiss.


Almost as I should have seen you coming, I began to love you.

I classified you as far greater than a simple friend, but a companion.

Though you’d rather devise a bloated stratagem as you devoured my sensibility and patience

As a frantic mouse in a serpent’s den.


The blow was sudden, and the kill was agile and swift leaving no wounds or signs of trauma;

Just more voids to fill.

And you, the one to have and to hold some grudge,

Raved for my collapse

Eventually gaining whatever sick gratification that doth ensure.


And you, the one to absorb my grievances,

Left me to rot;

Unconscious and stricken with the shock of my rejection that followed your dagger’s final clutch

You must think yourself the victress of my demise.

But I, more that you, can affect the perceptions of many;

My glory in failure.

I’ve cast a veil no mere property could disavow

After all, I have captivated your entity to total rage with my mere presence.


You are of a quantity so basic that you cannot even

Quell your own flaws to properly dismantle mine,



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