1953 – Casey Miller

Bronzed skin spills over lounges with a heated sun
Melting them into the white Aegean landscape
Sun hats are the only shade in these areas
Aristocrats basking above cliffs thousands of feet below
Women fawning over Hepburn’s eyebrows, claiming to spend
Thousands on their own mien frons
Men like body builders with tanning oil slipping off their figures,
Like kings diving into the lagoon
As their queens gush over engagements,
Marriages occurring a thousand miles away
Or a jaunt to the next island
And the pool boy observes, he watches
As the young, rich and famous and younger, richer and famouser
Spill posh secrets and spend high numbers
On rounds of Greyhound cocktails
As they gossip about Eisenhower’s hidden agenda
And the new British Queen’s past love affairs
But they certainly were not prepared.
Neither the pool boy nor the rich and famous
expected what came next, as the Yenice-Gönen
quake struck, and shattered their very existence.


One thought on “1953 – Casey Miller

  1. Blazine Karen says:

    Casey – such a talent – It is raining here but reading your poem transports me to a sun drenched paradise and reminds me that life can change in an instant and to take nothing for granted.


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