Dear Someone – Victoria Alexandria

Dear someone, Today I met a guy. Okay, I SAW a guy. But I felt like I knew him, you know? He had brown hair and brown eyes, the cutest smile and these broad shoulders. He had the kind of lips that aren’t really that special, but at the same time all you want to do is kiss them. His nose is a bit larger than normal, but it works with his other features. It pulls everything together, in a way. He likes his coffee with lots of milk and quite a bit of sugar. He’s not that big on coffee, but likes the way he looks when he’s drinking it. He doesn’t like tomatoes and asks for extra cheese. He walks with confidence, but if you watch closely you’ll notice he’s a bit scared of what others are saying about him. He listens to Frank Sinatra and reads National Geographic. He’s outgoing, but mysterious. He’s been judged and pushed aside quite a bit. He wants to help and he wants to give back, but nobody believes his intentions are pure. He lightly licks his finger before turning over the page on his magazine. I can imagine us together. We sit at the kitchen table next to a big window where all the morning light comes in. He reads his newspaper while drinking his heavily sweetened coffee. I sit across from him and look out the window. My coffee is black. My bedside table has a pile of fiction novels on top of it, while his has numerous issues of National Geographic. He hopes our children will make their choices always keeping adventure in mind, while I hope they’ll be a bit more rational. But neither of us wants to interfere, we want them to be independent. In our early days as a couple we would go camping and we would spend a great amount of time at outdoor concerts. We would visit museums and travel. Our weaknesses would be art, history and science. We would allow ourselves to indulge in them as much as we could. Later, when we’re older and the kids have their own lives, we’ll relish in each other’s company. Our home will become a kind of greenhouse because we’ll divulge in our mutual love of plants and greenery. It’ll be peaceful and it’ll be nice. Not perfect, never perfect, but it’ll be us. Now back at the coffee shop, he still sits there with his coffee and his magazine and it’s quite mind-boggling how I can imagine a life with him so easily. Reader, now you can discard all I’ve said so far because it’s probably all lies. Sorry, but I never even said “hello” to the guy. I merely watched him at a coffee shop. Sincerely, a girl who loves romance and people-watching


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