Welcome to Inkling


I’m Reilly Wieland, a teenager and high school student based in Austin, Texas. I’m so excited that you are visiting Inkling!

For all who don’t know what Inkling is, it’s a teenage and young adult based writing platform. As a creative writer, I found it hard to get my writing out into the public eye and to other writers. With that, young writers are always struggling for ways to expand their resume. I found it really hard to find websites that would take my writing because I had little experience. You can’t get experience because nobody wants you to write with such little experience. See the problem?

I’m pulling together this community because all of my writing friends have been so important to me. I  love having other people online to write and share with, and I want to spread my love of it to teenagers everywhere.

It’s super easy writing for Inkling- with no commitments throughout the first few posts (or until you chose to become a staff writer) If you want to write for Inklings or want more information, feel free to email me at

Happy Writing,




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