little thoughts – Ally Ameel

I don’t like to sitand do something that’s boring

I do like to do nothing though

it’s like taking yourself off

of the big old earth

and sitting in between time and space

I don’t get to do nothing very often

only every once in a while

but when I do I embrace it

the beauty of doing nothing

is seeing what a little speck you are

did you know that you are

a miniscule microscopic nothing of a speck

on a gigantic humongous planet

you can’t even be seen from a plane

which is really just a slightly larger speck

how sad to the world

which is its own being

you’re only a little nobody 

I mean once you are no longer living

and your descendants forget you

you’re gone


people probably won’t even remember you existed

even when you’re alive

there are seven billion other specks

on the same planet

who knows what’s on the other planets

and a lot of those people

are probably more important than you

they might be very important

and be in charge of lots and lots of specks

or maybe their name lives on in history books

they might have been important specks

but now they’re dead ones

I bet you’ll go to school

and get a job 

and grow up  

and die

just like many other specks

I mean the earth probably doesn’t even know you

not that she’s rude or anything

she just doesn’t like all the humanoids throwing trash at her

and suffocating her with all the gross smoke and fakeness

she does love the sea though

and the sky

with its clouds

and stars

and the tiny flowers she grows from her skin

she also occasionally likes the nice humans

the ones that listen to her

the ones that stop and breathe with her

and water her or whisper to her

on the whisps of the wind

she knows those people

and when she’s in a good mood

she will blow those kisses

and they might feel a soft breeze upon their cheek

and those ones

they get it

they get that they are just

tiny little specks

and they are okay

because every speck is different

and even though you will never be able

to meet every other person

you know


that there is not one human

who is like you

and that’s kind of cool


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