June Bean – Ally Ameel

it’s that moment

that I have been waiting for


days upon days

filled with piles

and stacks

of books

miles high

to read

in big sofa chairs

and on the shore

and laying in grass

to hide me away

with the secret love affairs

of fictional characters

only existing within

crisp pages


days of laughing

spending hours

letting out a joyous sound

from virgin lips

which have never felt a kiss

since the first grade

but not in any rush


jumping into water

bluer than blue

engulfing me

as I explore depths

of 10 feet

holding nothing

but me and the water

yet sharing space

with fish

and fellow mermaids

and lots of things

that only I can see

and everywhere are people

with flushed cheeks

and stained tongues

from delicacies

hoarded in the pantry

crinkly wrappers

reflecting light

in rainbow glimpses

blues and reds


and the biggest smiles


we simply do nothing


and sit together

on the edge of the sea


about things

that have already happened

or never will

and repeating jokes

like worn out sneakers

that we refuse to give away


I hope it never ends

I hope that every june

we find ourselves

back together again

to resume where we left off

and although we may change

and our hearts may have grown

our bond has not broken

and here we are

our eyes still sparkling

with the youth that we find

in three months

and our laughs

causing stomach aches

that we hear echoing through the year

and the friendship that we held

in the summer


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