Colors – Ally Ameel

waking up to see sun

pouring through the windows

reminds me it’s morning

which means to-do lists

and facing the tangles in my hair


i live in a world of colors

bursting with a life of their own

in the form of leaves and iced cookies

there are

blue jeans and red wagons and green tea and brownies

and all sorts of things

with colors of their own


what color am i

not black or white

like a 1940’s movie


the color of every song i’ve heard

every book i’ve read

every person i’ve met


i am the color of the 3 am conversations

and walks along the beach

and all of the rules i’ve broken


i am covered in stars for every freckle

and stripes for every time

i chose to be different


i am the sky

changing colors within the hour

the colors of a piece of art

paint splattered across a canvas

in disorder

not like a puzzle where every piece fits

more like a sweater

knit by someone who has never knit before

with lopsided sleeves and big holes


what color are you

i would like to know

what movies have you seen

in the middle of the night

when you can’t sleep

what books made you cry

who made you laugh

maybe someday i can be part of your colors


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